Introducing Black and White, a theme show by the artists of the Colborne Art Gallery.

What happens when an artist is given a theme to work within, does this limit their creativity or push it to unexplored levels? The members of the Colborne Art Gallery are working with a theme in mind for their upcoming show, simply entitled Black and White.

Perhaps the obvious outcome is that all the work will be without colour; paintings, prints, ceramics, sculpture, even jewelry in a black and white palette. A strong and dramatic effect for certain. Perhaps the theme will go further for some, influencing the subject matter, playing with the tension between opposites, as implied by the title.

The theme was suggested by recently retired gallery member Alison Seale. Alison remembered a conversation with the late Peter Kolisnyk, a local artist and teacher who worked in a minimalist style. In the words of a recent Globe and Mail article, "Mr. Kolisnyk experimented with colour-field paintings, and then began to embrace the fullness of white and the emptiness of black."

Kolisnyk suggested to his Cobourg class that a show all in black and white would have a strong impact, but Alison recalls that the students at that time rejected the idea. The concept captured Alison’s imagination and when suggested to the Colborne Art Gallery collective, they took on the challenge.

Black and White opens January 23, 2010 with an opening reception from 2-4 pm, and runs until March 7, 2010. Join us and discover how each artist interprets the theme of contrasts along with a selection of other new works, all by the members of the Colborne Art Gallery.