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November 11 to December 19, 2021

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eileen MYERS

elizabeth VERCOE

2nd choice award
43rd Juried Art Show


November 13, 2021 – January 4, 2022

NOVEMBER 11 to DECEMBER 19, 2021

at the colborne ART gallery

3 Guest Artists

Cathy Allen

Laurie Goldiuk

Brenda Sullivan


painting of marsh in gold and greens with water and lily pads


The boardwalk in Presqu’Ile park is just one of many beautiful trails on the peninsula.  My challenge in this painting was to show both the blue sky and grasses reflected in the water as well as the clear, tranquil water in the foreground with the lily pads leading the viewer into the scene.



Attempting to capture the “crisp bitter” cold of the nearing end of a winter’s day.

Using cool colours and lots of texture in this 6”x 8” oil painting

rosanne DOLAN

This piece “Time Out” is a reminder to me to embrace people, especially those I love, with the gift of my time. In the end, loving and being loved, is what really matters.

original oil painting of undulating ocean waves


Painting this I felt immersed in the colours and the gentle, soothing  movement of the water. The paintings are a homage to the lake.

original oil painting of undulating ocean waves

charles FUNNELL

This piece has been in process for more years than I care to admit to! It is somewhat inspired by the work of Francis Bacon and his often tortured portraits. Like a Hyde being stretched

original oil painting of an old barn by eileen MYERS

eileen MYERS

I was walking along King in Colborne and noticed this old barn , almost falling down and half hidden under the trees. You could say it spoke to me “Paint me “

original oil painting of an old barn by eileen MYERS


I am besotted with the colour infused ancient rocks of our Northumberland terrain. Crisp jagged edges with an abundance of fissures found within layers are often cloaked in soft green moss.  Such a magical journey as I paint a “Sepia” series

elizabeth VERCOE

Delving further into my ‘Fowl Play’ series, my intent, to capture the unique character, personality and beauty observed first hand for each distinctive bird species, with a twist of humour. Binoculars focusing east this time.


original oil painting of undulating ocean waves

heather ROY

The depths of ice and its subtle history of freeze and melt capture many marks and surfaces that bring a play of opacity and transparency, much like the human soul


original oil painting of tadpoles in a mason jar in fron of a stone budda

bob 'omar' Tunnoch

 I was thinking how the life forms on the planet have to deal with the stress of just living. The “eat or be eaten” scenario etc. Here is a retreat for Tadpoles to get away from the daily stress of life. They have their own little personal container with no outside interference, along with the saying  “you be you” and spiritual guidance of the Buddha  and the tranquility of burning incense. Would this give them peace of mind…..who knows?


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