121107-CoffeeDave Fraser, Northumberland News
COLBORNE — Coffee with a twist is what's in store for area residents as an artist wraps up her show at the Colborne Art Gallery. Colborne Art Gallery co-op member Jillian Roos-Markowitz's show Into the Light is coming to an end Nov. 11 and to celebrate, she is inviting anyone interested to come for a visit from 2 to 4 p.m. to talk about her art and to hear some readings from the Cobourg Poetry Workshop.

"The reaction to my journey and the healing through art has been just amazing," Ms. Roos-Markowitz said of her show, which began on Oct. 6 at the gallery.

Being part of the Colborne Art Gallery has been very much like being in a loving family, she said, and the support that all the members give each other is fantastic.  Ms. Roos-Markowitz said she is really looking forward to the Nov. 11 event and the chance to talk to people about her work.

It will also be wonderful to have members of the Cobourg Poetry Workshop there to read some poems that have been inspired by her art and she can't wait for the experience, she said.

Cobourg Poetry Workshop member Linda Hutsell-Manning said it was a honour to write a poem inspired by one of Ms. Roos-Markowitz's pieces and how she approached it was by taking a photo of the piece so she could really study it.

"It's my emotional interpretation of the piece of art," she said.

Ms. Hutsell-Manning said it is a really interesting way to work and it can kind of kick-start a poem into life. Everyone interprets things differently and that is the fun part of writing a poem inspired by another piece of art, she said.

Although it's not the usual way she works, Ms. Hutsell-Manning said Ms. Roos-Markowitz's many different styles of art were a real pleasure to look at and the charcoal drawings in particular really struck an emotional chord with her.