120711-BurnsideSarah Hyatt, Northumberland News
COLBORNE — Temperatures are set to be scorching this July 14 at the Colborne Art Gallery as the newest show, 1500 Fahrenheit, a Warm Glass Show kicks off.

The title of the show represents the temperature in which featured artist, Mary Lou Burnside, fuses glass together to make her art.

"It's like exploring," said Ms. Burnside. "And that is precisely what I would like to show people at the upcoming show."

Many might know the artist for her decorative stained glass pieces or her work with silver and metal — but it's her recent work with kiln formed glass that has her most excited. For the gallery show she's made several pieces, including various abstract framed glass panels. So, in other words, it's like a painting or a picture but made out of glass instead, said Ms. Burnside.

As for where her inspiration comes from, it's never from one specific thing, she said. But often, the colours of mother nature can be quite influential, she added. But her art hasn't always come easy to her. As children, she and her siblings used to toy around a little bit with art, but nothing major, she said. It wasn't until the early 1980s when Ms. Burnside began to study art on and off at the Open College of the Arts.

After working for years in the corporate business world, Ms. Burnside said she finally just decided one day she needed to take the time to express herself — and so she began to take art classes. Little did she know art would become her life.

From working with metals and silver, to eventually making jewelry, inspiring her to work with glass, to now, Ms. Burnside is dedicated to constantly evolving and making her art truly special and that is why people should make an appearance July 14, she said. What's more, the glass artist is eager to show people some of the techniques used in her work and hear responses such as, 'is that really glass?'

"I really work hard to make sure my art is so different from what anyone else might do or see," she said.

The shows runs from 2 to 4 p.m. Ms. Burnside, along with several other gallery members, will be present. The gallery is located at 51 King St. E. in Colborne. But no need to fret if you miss the opening show, said Ms. Burnside. The glass artist's work will be on display until Aug. 19.

The gallery's regular hours are noon to 5 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday. For more information call 905-355-1798.