Through lively discussion and collaboration, the members of The Colborne Art Gallery have chosen Layers as the theme for their annual group show. With several months to consider what the theme means to them and how it may best be explored in their own medium, the results are sure to be rich and varied. Most art forms are developed in layers, with preliminary drawings, under paintings, glazes and finishes all contributing to the final surface. Sculptural forms and collages, ceramics and glasswork, the fine details of jewellery, all lend themselves to the layering process. Subject and compositional layers, layers of meaning, of time, the earth and atmosphere, and of course, layers of the heart all provide a deep well of inspiration of this diverse group of artists.

In addition to the work of all 18 members on display in the three main gallery rooms, a related collection entitled cues and quietude will be displayed in the Heritage room.  As an artist is continually responding to the world's sounds, symbols, tactile and visual experiences, this installation will give a glimpse into the process of two gallery artists, deborah uman sures and Barbara Buntin.  Working with the Layers theme, the artists display some of the elements pictorial and/or written that serve to inspire, and the quiet reflection needed to find combinations that may lead to new artwork.  You’ll find a warm welcome and excellent work, professionally displayed in the Historic Colborne Registry building. 
LAYERS opens March 12, 2011 with an opening reception from 2-4 pm, and runs until April 17, 2011.

Please join us to meet the artists of The Colborne Art Gallery and to enjoy a selection of their new works.