The Colborne Art Gallery is pleased to present The Lake in Winter and other Vistas, a solo show by Gallery member Bill Hornbostel, March 9 through April 14, 2013.

Bill’s photography strives to capture the ephemeral dance of light and colour at play in the world and transform it into something eternal.  Water, stone and sky are the subjects to which Bill most gravitates.  They are enduring yet changeable through light and weather. For Bill, these subjects, particularly in the desolate or abandoned places, are the most full of wonder; the stark beauty of an ice-bound shoreline is as rich in interest as a ruined medieval church.

Twilight and weather fronts provide Bill’s preferred conditions for photography.  These times produce the most dramatic effects on a scene; dawn and dusk create long shadows and vivid colours, while shifting weather can bring fog or clouds which can strikingly alter a vista.

Join Bill Hornbostel and the other members of The Colborne Art Gallery for an opening reception on Saturday March 9, 2013, from 2 – 4 p.m.

New works by the other gallery artists are shown in the 2nd and 3rd galleries.

The Lake in Winter and other Vistas continues until April 14, 2013.

As part of our partnership with the Township of Cramahe, Bill Hornbostel also has work on display in in the main office of the Town Hall in Colborne.