We continue to grow and change as a gallery even as cooler weather and shorter days return!  We have a bright new sculpture to challenge and greet visitors, a brand new member and news of past and upcoming events.  Veronica Derry’s show, “Openings” also continues through November 13th.  Read on to see what’s shakin’ at CAG and please brave the chill to come see us often in the coming months.
Welcome, Bill Hornbostel!

With each new member to our collective comes a wealth of insight and inspiration.  Bill just recently joined us and we enjoy the excitement of the new works he brings.  He writes:

“For me, photography really exploded about three years ago, after I left a PhD program in ancient history. Although I had been shooting since high school, it was more of an occasional thing, mostly for travel, and most of my earlier artistic endeavours had been in charcoal and oil paints.  But when I put some time into photography, it quickly eclipsed my interest in other media. With the camera, I was able to find a way to make images that I previously found my hand unable to create; the lens proved more effective an instrument of my vision than the brush. Even while I continue to experiment with new ways of shooting, my work is still influenced by those painters whose work I studied when I was younger.”

111101-Newsletter-2Culture Days at the Colborne Art Gallery

On Saturday October 1st, as part of Culture Days, the Colborne Gallery once again hosted a series of three workshops conducted by member Jillian Roos-Markowitz.  The workshops were on drawing, monoprinting, and linoblock printing. This year it was standing-room only, as more people are becoming aware of Culture Days, a cross-Canada celebration of the arts that includes a variety of participatory (that’s the rule) culture-related events. We had eleven participants, including nine people at one session alone (and only eight chairs). “Just wanted to say a big thanks for the art sessions this past Saturday. I enjoyed them thoroughly, learned a lot and met some great women. Please pass on a big thanks to Jillian. She is an excellent teacher. I hope to see more classes through the Colborne Gallery artists.” said attendee Joyce Hindle. The afternoon ended with a round of applause for Jillian, and several requests to have more frequent workshops. Sunday October 2nd was a quieter day, with members dropping in at different times to meet the visitors to the gallery. -Pat Stanley

All Things Bright and Beautiful

November’s arrival brings cooler temperatures, trees without leaves, an extra sweater layered on ………and thoughts of the approaching festive season. It also brings the Colborne Art Gallery’s annual ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL show.
Gallery members have been working towards this eagerly anticipated show, keeping in mind that many will be looking out for just the perfect gift, or card, for those special people on ‘the list’.  Last years fund raiser with the tiny canvasses was quite successful, and we are bringing it back again this year, with a new size and shape canvass.  The price on these canvasses will be reasonable, making the purchase of a one-of-a-kind artwork appealing as a gift item. All proceeds from the sale of the canvasses will go directly to the gallery in aid of our collective quest to offer interesting and diverse exhibits, to our patrons, for 2012.
Our opening reception for ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL will be held Saturday November 19 from 12 noon to 4 p.m.  We will be serving hot apple cider along with a variety of homemade treats to nibble on while you browse the show.
A special exhibit of handmade jewelry, by gallery member Monika Becker will be opening the same day in the heritage room gallery. Everyone is welcome to attend.  The show runs from November 19 to December 23, 2011, during regular gallery hours. 
111101-Newsletter-3Empathy Comes to Colborne

Finally, we can hug it!  The following piece is from Claus Heinecke’s speech on the day of the unveiling of our new sculpture:

The big yellow sculpture in Colborne: that's what we're here to launch. An attention-getting icon: that's what the gallery is getting. A unique landmark: that's what Colborne is getting. A piece of public art: that's what we're all getting. How is that significant? It represents a milestone in my own artistic exploration that I'm very proud of. That's important if I expect others to like it. So what is it that I like so much about this sculpture? Well for starters, it's unlike anything anywhere else. That said, I like its minimalism, its classic circular forms, its dynamic directional movement, its lines in harmony and contrast. I like the fact that no two angles are alike as one moves around it. I like its soft shapes and I like its bold colour. These are all aspects of a composition that together form a visual rhythm.

All I ask is that viewers give it a chance to speak to them, without expectations of representational references. Just as when we listen to a piece of instrumental music, we don't expect explanations, we don't say that sounds like a frog or a helicopter I once heard, we don't need someone to tell us if it's any good, or if we like it. Similarly, to delight in visual sensations for their own sake we must learn to feel them as we would a piece of music by giving over our perceptions to the appreciation of light and shade, the articulation of form, the linear contours of a silhouette, the visual rhythms that make this object.

I call this object "Empathy": not because it is empathy but because of a symboligy. Two similar forms in sympathetic attitude seems an apt metaphor for the sentiment of Empathy. As humanity grows ever more powerful on earth, we need to make peace with nature and each other or suffer grave consequences. "Do onto others as you would have others do onto you": that's Empathy– a simple word with a profound meaning. If this sculpture reminds us of and makes us ponder, the meaning of Empathy, it will have served us well.

We entitle art to provide a focus or point of entry for viewers. We artists hesitate over titles because a word or two seems inadequate to illuminate what we feel about our work. At the heart of a piece of abstract art there is something quite hard to express in words. One might even say something quite unknowable through words. Words are useful to elucidate aspects of a work but can't stand in for the experience of seeing it, any more than speaking about a Beethoven symphony can substitute for hearing it.

So here we are at last, after what seems like an eternity, to have come from a simple sketch to this physical presence. I'd like to thank the mayor and counselors for their courage and foresight in allowing us to proceed with this project. They chose a progressive stance that I am confident will benefit the Colborne Art gallery, the town and the public. By planting a sculpture in the public realm, a small step has been taken to stimulate interest, debate and ultimately we hope, a wider appreciation of visual art. On that basis may other leaders follow suit and help contemporary art move away from its elitist perception to a wider audience. Having many more such artistic statements in the public arena would be a wonderful thing, to be sure. – Claus Heinecke, July 2011

 Sponsors of the Colborne Art Gallery

The Colborne Art Gallery has operated as a very successful artists’ collective for the past 14 years, quite an accomplishment!  As member artists we handle all aspects of Gallery management on a volunteer basis: from hanging the shows, maintaining the interior of our historic building, providing refreshments for openings to maintaining an up to date website and producing professional show invitations.

We attempt to give back to the community by purchasing local advertising and participating in community events such as the Canada Wide Culture Days of 2010 and 2011.  We are successful in attracting additional tourism to the area with our shows, and events as well as with our highway signs and newly installed outdoor sculpture.  Our success is due to the support we receive from our members, local businesses, individual art lovers, and our partners in the community.  But we can always use your help!

Your contribution will help facilitate:
• Participation in community events such as Culture days
• Expansion of our advertising for shows and special events
• Maintenance of our website and highway signage
• Upgrading of our display and lighting systems

If you are a lover of the arts who would like to support a hard-working group of local artists, please consider making a donation. Although we operate as a not for profit organization, we are not a registered Charity, and therefore are not able to offer tax receipts for donations.  We look to local individuals and businesses to assist us in our efforts, through modest donations.

All donations will be gratefully received.  In recognition of your support of the local Arts Community, any donor of $100.00 or more will be recognized on The Colborne Art Gallery website and in the Gallery.  A donation of $250.00 or more entitles you to placement of your company or organization logo on the Gallery website.

Donations can be completed on line through our secure Pay Pal service or by sending a cheque or money order payable to:

The Colborne Art Gallery 
51 King St East
P.O.Box 903
Colborne ON, KOK 1SO

2011/ 2012 Exhibition Schedule

Nov 19- Dec 23, 2011     “All Things Bright and Beautiful”
Jan 28 – Mar 4, 2012       “Contained” Group Show 
Mar 10 – Apr 15, 2012      Visual Poetry Group
Apr 21 – May 27, 2012      Judith Kreps Hawkins
June 2 – July 8, 2012        Patricia Singer
July 14 – Aug 19, 2012      Mary Lou Burnside 
Aug 25 – Sept 30, 2012     deborah uman-sures 
Oct 6 – Nov 11, 2012         Jillian Roos-Markowitz
Each show has an opening reception on the first Saturday from 2-4 pm, except Jillian, whose show will open on Oct 13 to avoid any Thanksgiving conflicts.  You are all encouraged to attend – and to bring your friends!!