From the Editor… We’ve Been Busy!

Spring is rushing upon us and revitalizing our lives.  At the gallery we have lots to celebrate with the new season.  We have expanded with the recent acquisition of what was formerly the LACAC historical room; watch this new space to see what life will come of it.  We are working toward wheelchair accessibility, with renovations that have the widening of doors completed and a ramp on the way.  These are the last few days of a magnificent retrospective show honouring the late Alf Blything; it’s not surprising there was a tremendous turn out at the opening reception and ongoing interest.   We are so proud of our member Jirina Marton, who has recently won the Governor General’s award for her lavish illustrations of Bella’s Tree.  This book was written by Janet Russell and published by Groundwood Books Press.  Jirina has been so busy as a result that she needed to take a short (we hope) leave in order find time for all she does.  We also have two new members, and so much more is yet to come…  read on!

100401-Newsletter-1Painter, deborah uman- sures has joined our ranks.  She writes of her work:

Simple, strong shapes and evocative colour  move through lush layers of acrylic paint, inks, collage and charcoal to build works which range from very small to larger than life.

A love of drawing combined with an MFA from Syracuse University, a BFA from the University of Manitoba and selected additional workshops provided a solid base for images which often focus on character and the body.




About Mary Lou Burnside

I work with glass.  Sheet glass, float glass, glass powder, glass frit, glass enamel and glass stringers.  I started working with stained glass and mosaics in the mid 90’s.  In August 2006 I became fascinated with kiln formed glass.  I acquired a large kiln and started experimenting with fusing and slumping.   I recognized early on that to become skillful in this medium because of the many different processes, I needed to take instruction from recognized leaders in this field.  I’ve found the courses I’ve taken to be priceless in the time spent learning from those who have spent very many hours developing the processes they teach.  There is still so much I need to learn about the many different processes of kiln formed glass and I have a few that I intend to explore.  But for now I am focusing on a particular process that appeals to me very much.  It’s working with glass powder to create an unusual affect called Crackle Glass and powder wafers.  I’ve been working with this process since the fall of 2008 and am returning mid April, 2010 to Salt Spring Island, B.C., where I took the first course, for an advance course called ”Further Studies in Powder (Pushing the Limits!)”.  It’s a five day workshop that explores advanced techniques for achieving subtle textural and colour variations with glass powders.  I am really excited about this one and look forward to exhibiting a completed piece of work incorporating the techniques I will be learning.  Here is a sample of my recent work.


Gallery Music opens this year with a concert on May 29 featuring October Browne!  Bill Stunt of Heartland on CBC says of this artist, “October Browne – the voice resides somewhere between the British Isles and Boston.  As broken hearted as Sandy Denny’s and as thoughtful as Suzanne Vega’s yet unmistakably and wonderfully her own at the same time.” Find tickets at our normal ticket outlets: Downey Pharmacy in Colborne, Georges Guitars in Cobourg, Ganaraska Framing and Art in Port Hope or right here at the gallery.  Tickets are just $20 and the concert begins at 7:30pm.

100401-Newsletter-3Taking it to the Street

In an effort to promote awareness of The Colborne Art Gallery, the membership is taking a number of initiatives to raise its profile. It was thought what better way to identify the gallery to the street than with a piece of art. To this end, Gallery member, Claus Heinecke has designed a piece of sculpture entitled, "Empathy", to be erected in front of the building later this year.

Last year, gallery executives made the necessary presentation to secure approval of the project from the Cramahe Township Council.  Art cannot thrive in a vacuum, hence we are grateful for the mayor and council's support.

The sculpture is a configuration of two inter-locked, geometric forms. The broad curving sweep of each form is countered by the sweep of the other. It is shape for its own sake and asks us to appreciate the motion and spatial rhythms of line, shape and shadow as we walk around the piece are treated to a continuously changing image.

Sponsors of the Colborne Art Gallery
The Colborne Art Gallery is an artists’ collective that has been operated by the artists themselves on a volunteer basis for well over a decade, a true success story in the world of artists’ collectives! We curate and install the shows, clean the gallery, maintain the interior of the space, provide food and drinks for openings, sit the gallery during shows, and design, print and mail all our show invitations. We keep our website fresh and current. As a Not for Profit organization, we purchase local advertising and participate in local events whenever we can. We are successful in attracting additional tourism to the area with our shows and events. Our success is due, in large part, to the support we receive from our members, local businesses, individual art lovers, and our partners in the community. But we can always use your help!

Your contribution will help facilitate:

• Installation of an original sculpture in front of The Gallery
• Expansion of our advertising for shows and special events
• Upgrading of our display and lighting systems
• Participation in community events for The Gallery

If you are a lover of the arts who would like to support a hard-working group of local artists, please consider making a donation. We are not a registered Charity, and therefore are not able to offer tax receipts for donations.  We look to local individuals and businesses to assist us in our efforts, through modest donations.

All donations will be gratefully received.  In recognition of your support of the local Arts Community, any donor of $100.00 or more will be recognized on The Colborne Art Gallery website and in the Gallery.  A donation of $250.00 or more entitles you to placement of your company or organization logo on the Gallery website;

Donations can be completed by sending a cheque or money order payable to:

The Colborne Art Gallery
P.O.Box 903     51 King St East 
Colborne ON, KOK 1SO

With your Support The Colborne Art Gallery will continue to flourish.


Avril Bull finds that edges are something to run along, bump into, climb on to, hang on to or fall off from.  This show is an exploration in paintings and original prints that encompasses many edges: those on the edge in school, in society or with our environment.  These edges can be happy, challenging or sad places.  Life is edgy.

Show opens May 1 with a reception from 2-4  all are welcome!… And continues to June 13.

From Our Chair, Barbara Buntin:

Over the past year, the Gallery membership has been active in promoting the Gallery in new ways.  We are passionate about what we do and eager to share our beautiful space and innovative work with the public.
With the support of The Township of Cramahe and the Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation, we have purchased Highway signage for the Gallery. With a promised installation in early April, we hope to let travelers on the 401 in on our secret.  We have a wonderful gem that begs to be discovered and enjoyed.  We are also actively working towards the installation of an original sculpture by one of our gallery member Artists, Claus Heinecke.  With the approval and support of the Township, this dynamic art piece will be placed on the boulevard in front of the Gallery and speak to the contemporary work on display in this historic building.

 Next time you visit the Gallery, be sure to have a look at our new collection of Art Cards.  The cards showcase one image from each of our member artists and sell for $4 each or 3 for $10, with all proceeds going to support Gallery Activities.  This is an affordable way to support our Gallery and spread beautiful images around to friends and family.

100401-Newsletter-7Susan Fisher, encaustic painter will be coming to us as a guest artist along with Vikki Forsyth, potter.  Fisher states, “I explore themes which embrace the dynamics of how we define and perceive reality experienced along a continuum of past-present-future.  The medium, encaustic, allows me to play with translucent layers and thus create a constant shifting of form within the paintings just as scenes and sounds constantly flow in and out of our physical psychic awareness of the world around us.”  Forsyth creates fabulous forms and ceramic surfaces in high fire stoneware.  Their show opens, along with gallery artists, on June 19 and will continue through August 8.  The opening reception is on June 19 from 2-4 pm.  Everyone is invited!

Gallery Schedule  2010
Avril Bull and gallery artists – May 1- June 13
October Browne concert – May 29 at 7:30
Susan Fisher with Vikki Forsyth and gallery artists – June 19 –Aug 8
Anne Wilson with Terrie MacDonald and gallery artists – Aug 14- Sept 26
Janet Read and gallery artists – Oct 2-Nov 14
Christmas Show and Sale – Nov 20 – Dec 23

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“End of January”  ANNE WILSON                              “Forest Floor” TERRIE MACDONALD