COLBORNE — From a solo cycling trip to Tibet to serving in the Chinese navy, artist Ren Hui has a varied life experi­ence.

An Ottawa-based contemporary artist, Mr. Hui will show a collection of work titled 'Connections' at the Colborne Art Gallery from June 1 to July 7.

Mr. Hui puts a modern twist on tradi­tional art forms and explores the con­nections from everyday life, according to a press release from the gallery.

He creates lively wood engravings and colourful paper cuts.

Mr. Hui lived and worked in China before settling in Ontario almost two years ago. "In my younger days, grow­ing up in Nanjing, China, I did every­thing from serving in the Chinese navy, to tailoring, to being a worker in a fac­tory manufacturing pistons for massive cargo ships. I eventually abandoned this type of life to cycle solo to Tibet, a jour­ney of around 4,000 kilometres. Already I knew that I wanted to experience a wider life, and to express myself through art. Initially, my medium was poetry, but then I turned to things more tactile. First I created paper cuts using scissors and paper. I then started to incise wood to create images. Finally, I moved on to painting, using black ink on rice paper and oil paint on canvas," said Mr. Hui.

The opening reception for 'Connec­tions' is June 1 from 2 to 4 p.m. at The Colborne Art Gallery, 51 King St. E.