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My work is an eclectic mix of painterly realism and abstract play. Choosing bold colour and line, to portray an integration of observations of our natural world and my imagination, exploring and adapting my processes to best suit the subject.

Most of my work is inspired by my garden, aiming to express the joy I feel when I am walking or working amongst my flowers. The whimsical way they bend in the breeze, the surprise of an unintended combination of colours, the stillness of being in the moment with the bees as my companions.

All gardens are unique. They require a detailed look not only at their beauty but the significance they make to their surroundings. There is a story to tell and a dialogue is created between me and my garden. I keep in mind the origin of each bloom whether grown from a seed given by a friend, or one that’s travelled on the wind from a distant field. Colour, placement, friend or foe, memories created or forgotten. They tell me how they wished to be painted.

I hope to give my viewers pause to transport them to my special, happy place, where it will resonate with them.


A friend once referred to me as a Renaissance woman as I delve into many of the gentle arts. Singing, painting, creating and designing my gardens. Preserving it’s bounty. A daily practice of walking in the woods, exploring, seeing and listening to the sights and sounds as they change from day to day. Recording my observations in my journals. Learning by being. Feeling and internalizing beyond what I see, to express on canvas.

Music has always been an integral part of my art practice, influencing my hand as I paint. A trained coloratura soprano, I have had the privilege of performing in many local locations as well as abroad. Singing venues include, Opera Hamilton, The Shaw Festival, 4th Line Theatre as well as England and Wales.
A self taught guitarist at the age of 8 many of my painting titles still are inspired from music I sang as a folk singer from these early performing years.

As an artist I am primarily self taught, working first as a watercolourist, switching to acrylic and mixed media as my painting style evolved. I now enjoy the multifaceted effects and freedom I can achieve with the use of different materials and surfaces. No longer feeling inhibited by a choice of medium it allows me to explore and experiment, such an intricate part of my painting process.

My work has been exhibited locally and throughout southern Ontario. It can be found in private collections worldwide as well as at home in Canada.

I welcome visitors to my studio and gardens. By appointment only, please call 905-373-3661 or visit my contact page for more information. I am also on Instagram and many of my most recent works are posted there. vercoeelizabeth_artistElizabeth


CV - elizabeth VERCOE

Vercoe -Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details 905 373 3661


-Self-taught, practicing artist for past 30 years

-Elected member to the Colborne Art Gallery, 2015-2021

-Represented by Strata Gallery, Elora ON, 2012- 2014

-Co-chair Ganaraska Studio Tour 2009-2014- Responsibilities include co-ordination of the tour, artists, and sponsors

Art Practice

-My intuitive use of bold colour and line embrace spontaneity. Unrestricted by subject or medium, I work primarily with mixed media on paper, vellum, Mylar, and wood. My work is an eclectic mix of painterly realism and abstract play.


Studied under:

Peter Kolisnik

  1. Jane Gordon

Ramune Luminaire

Selected Exhibitions

2020-the Scugog Arts Centre, ON, “From My Gardens, A Retrospective “- Solo Show

2015-2021-The Colborne Gallery, ON

2013 -Tate Gallery Canton, ON “Illusions”-Solo Show

2013- Visual Arts Center Clarington, ON- Juried Show

2013-Strata Gallery Elora, ON “24 Square”- Group Show

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