The eleven members of the Colborne Art Gallery bring you their latest work based on the theme, Enveloped. The word means surrounded, covered, enfolded, enwrapped, blanketed, swathed, swaddled, wrapped (up), engulfed, encircled, encompassed, cocooned, sheathed, encased, enclosed. And then we asked ourselves, what could enveloped mean in our work? For quilt-maker Marion Meyers, it quite literally refers to her quilts - the beautiful layered blankets for beds. For the painters in the group the feeling of being engulfed can be expressed by the subject matter of woodlands, or the enclosure of a room. Potter Lorelyn Morgan likes to encase her hand-made sculptures with little pieces of broken china in a technique known as pique-assiette. And of course Charles Funnell’s elegant jewellery will encircle the wearer’s neck. There is much joy to receive when you visit our gallery to wrap yourself in art.

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Members’ Themed Show
Sat Sept 14 – Sun Nov 3, 2019

Christmas Market
Sat Nov 9 – Dec 22, 2019



Timeline II – 1850 to 1900:
Cramahe, Canada, the World

Jun 6 – Sep 29, 2019

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