The diverse subject matter of my art seems, at first glance, to be unrelated. However, each series is connected by a working process that is based on intuition rather than theoretical ideas.

Artist Statement

Colour, shape and composition evolve from an emotional state of working.
Each piece develops as the work progresses and builds to a conclusion. The spontaneity allows my imagination to wander and invites outside simulation to work its way into the art. Natural sights and sounds, memories and thoughts, for instance, each play a pivotal role in how a painting or drawing takes shape. While the final subject matter is often deliberate, sometimes it isn’t. An inner vision, a somewhat trance-like state, or the interpretation of something heard but not seen, such as music, is really what my work is about.


Irene Osborne was born in Montreal but left at an early age to live in various places in Ontario. She graduated in nursing from the Hospital for Sick Children. She married and is the mother of four grown children. She lives on a farm near Castleton.

After years of personal independent exploration in art, she began studies with the Cobourg Art Club, first with Peter Kolisnyk in 1984 and 1985, and with James Paget 1986 - 1991. She exhibited with the Cobourg Art Club annual show of work during these years and in the juried art shows at the Art Gallery of Northumberland.


 art of irene Osborne


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Colborne, ON

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