Jillian Roos-Markowitz

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Artist Statement

Searching for a way within, a way in which to express my innermost feelings through the creative process, I began to use pieces of wood, broken bits from trees that I walked under, or found in puddles, pieces of bark given by friends both here and abroad.

The wood spoke to me, in its shapes, marks, and rhythms. Taking these into my mind’s eye, I began to draw, bringing the shapes and marks to the paper before me, remembering my own rhythms, my natural connection to nature.

In order not to censor my lines, I began to work with my eyes closed which took me to the right side of my brain. Continuing to draw in this manner, I began to feel that my hand and arm were being moved by another energy. It was the creative energy of the Universe that I had become totally connected with. The moment I opened my eyes that magical connection left me. Having worked on many drawings this way I find I am able to open my eyes allowing the drawing to take me where it needs to go and still feeling connected with the wonderful Universal energy with which we are all connected.

The medium changes. I am now transferring the drawings into lino block prints, and some of the images from the drawings have become hand stitched and beaded collages, others embroidered landscapes. Stitching is a medium I have been familiar with since childhood.

It’s an intimate journey that started some fifteen years ago. Through my drawings I am connected to the earth, its energies and infinite light. The drawings will always speak to me, continuing to take me on this creative, intimate journey.


Email:  jillian.rm@icloud.com


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