The 2020 Juried Show Round Up!

 43 Works of Art by 29 participating artists.

Thank you to all the artists who participated in the 2020 Open Juried Show. We could not put on a show without you!

Thank you to our show sponsors: Juror Kim Lee-Kho, Michael Hepburn, and Mayor of Colborne, Mandy Martin

Thank you to those who visited the Gallery and those who viewed our on-line gallery of the show.  It is unprecedented times.  We are pleased to have been able to bring the show to those who were not able to visit in person.



Eyes of Emily
Photograph by Lori Gillespie


Painting of children looking at a school of tiny fish through the glass of an aquarium


Looking for Nemo” by Geoff Clarke received the Michael Hepburn  Award!

Thank You to Michael for sponsoring this award!

Michael Hepburn logo - sponsor for 2020 juried show award

Sponsor of the 2020 Juried show award.

MICHAEL HEPBURN AWARD - Read the Juror comments

Instantly engaging, with a tightly realized, knowledgeable use of colour and composition, Geoff Clark‘s Looking for Nemo is both a delightful and disaplined painting.  He bring you right into the moment, you can almost hear the girls giggling and exclaiming. ss the fish moving, the heads bobbing.

The strong yellows and blacks instantly give the painting a strong personality.  The pinks and blues pull the overall colour scheme into primary colours (some more modified, some less so) which is perfect for the primary school children as subjects.  The complementary touches (yellow-violet parings) provide additional emphasis, energy and dimension to the colour scheme.

While the compositional structure is very strong and simple, it is made more interesting by the deviations and variations, such as the child on the far left facting right and set slightly apart from the three girls whose faces we do not see; the multi=coloured hat, the butterfly vs the strong black and (almost) white stripes, and so on.  That’s the wonderful things about strong, regular structures: they allow you to really enjoy antything that varies by sensitizing you to them.

This charming, engaging and accomplished painting is awarded the MICHAEL HEPBURN award.

Juror's Choice Award Black and White Artphotograph of gils wearing masks  in forest setting


Of Dangerous And Noble Things”  by Ciara Ward received  KIM-LEE KHO, JUROR’S PRIZE Award

JUROR'S PRIZE AWARD - read the juror comments

In Ciara Ward‘s Of Dangerous and Noble Things, we’re in a foggy forest, possibly having lost our way, and have come across these masked, mystical twins, maybe even interrupted them in the midst of some ritual.

This elegant photograph draws us into a narrative strongly hinted at by a limited number of mood-evoking and suggestive elements: fog, forest, masked women, candle, and long dresses.  Masks protect (especially these days!) and disguise, invoke and embody spirits in rituals – the viewer invents the narrative themeselves, based on the cues in the image and the viewer’s own experience and archetypal memory.

Ward has created a wonderful sense of atmosphere and more symbolic than specific sense of place, directing sharp focus on the masked women, vivid texture in the masks and strongest colour in the muted shock of red hair, composed very different lighting effects to build atmosphere and animate the characters.  The strong contrasts of skin and dresses emphasize the focal point of a formal and effective composition.

Magical vision skillfully and beautifully realized.

Juror's Choice Award Black and White Artphotograph of gils wearing masks  in forest setting


Signs of Life”  by Bev Funnell received  Mayor Mandy Martin  MAYOR’S AWARD

MAYOR'S CHOICE AWARD - read the award comments

Bev Funnell’s  “Signs of Life” is a delicate, masterful combination of prints on rice paper superimposed with intricate threads stitched into the surface, it captures the complexity of the emotional and physical attributes of life. Fascinating!



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