Rod Bergeron will be the featured artist showing a collection of drawings, paintings and three-dimensional works at the Colborne Art Gallery. The show titled, Landscapes: Real and Imagined will run from August 20 until September 25, 2016.

2 Birches (watercolour) by Rod Bergeron

This whimsical collection is inspired by adventures in, and memories of, the great outdoors. “My hope is that viewers will be able to recall a time and place that they themselves have witnesses such a scene”, Bergeron says. Viewers will be drawn to the intricate level of detail in each work. They will be exposed to changing seasons and the effects of seeing a painting brought to life.

Mr. Bergeron has used his extensive collection of sketches from around Northumberland County and beyond to transform traditional landscape painting into a new visual art form. Several paintings are layered one on top of the other. All of the negative space is cut out to reveal the layer below, which creates pieces with dramatic depth and three-dimensional qualities. This show also includes a collection of miniature sketchbooks and painting. Each tiny sketchbook is hand crafted by Bergeron and then filled with intricate sketches.

Scenes from the opening reception held August 20, 2016