An exhibition of first impressions and deeper expressions by the artists of the Colborne Art Gallery
Saturday July 28 to Sunday September 9, 2018
12-4 pm Thursday through Sunday
Opening Reception: Saturday July 28, 2018, 2 to 4 pm

Layers are levels of materials like a film of oil on the surface of water, arrangements of slices in scalloped potatoes, thick blankets of warmth or fog. They can be the underlay of a work surface, a table top or canvas, or the top covering of the earth as a tropical rain forest. In a person it’s the outer appearance that’s the top layer, a book its cover over a stack of pages, and when something is under the surface it may be fear or bias.

The surface is what things appear to be. In making art we build up layers of wood, cloth, paint, paper and all manor of materials, with images and pure colours that are opaque or delightfully transparent.

The work may be many thin arrangements or thick textures like bark, the outer layer of a tree. That may be how we work, but what might our work mean? Layers of ideas, or meaning hidden by the surface you see. Or is the concept of the work about layers, as in tiny frogs in the canopy of a forest? Our eyes looking through transparent paint surfaces see deep into a painting.

And why can’t we just enjoy what’s on the surface, a cacophony of beauty, colour and first impressions?

51 King Street East,
Colborne, Ontario, K0K 1S0