Hello from the Colborne Gallery!


“autumn” is on, and the colours coming forward in nature are rivalled by the colours of the Colborne Gallery artists’ work, showing now till November 7.  The ten contributing artists have assembled a beautiful celebration of the natural world, with paintings, drawings and jewellery.

 Highlights are Bob Omar Tunnoch’s award winning piece “Tadpoles at the Zen Wellness Retreat for Tadpoles”, which took first place in the last Art Gallery of Northumberland juried show; Charles Funnel‘s silver jewelry, a mix of fine stones, pearls and industrial elements  pairs elegantly with both formal wear and jeans; and Helen van Poortan’s tranquil local landscapes, depicted in pastel and acrylic present a world outside the cares of daily life.

Also on view are Barb McGuey’s soft, misty oil paintings depicting scenes of timeless beauty, Eileen Myers’ inward -looking caves and flower paintings, and Elizabeth Vercoe’s natural wonders of the garden, rendered in glorious mixed media colour.  Sue Wilkins’ energetic brushwork is shown off in both her abstract pieces and her depiction of vast landscapes.  Rosanne Dolan gives us a unique perspective of the world seen through peepholes, windows and other devices that suggest a thoughtful, ironical take on life.

 “autumn” is on till November 7, so take a scenic trip down Highway #2, enjoy the vivid fall colours, stop at a roadside stand for a pumpkin or delicious local apples, and arrive at the Colborne Art Gallery to view this exciting new work!

This section of our newsletter is for planning your trip to Colborne, with suggestions for pairing your gallery viewing with other local specialities.

While in Colborne, check out “Retro Rewind”,   With a cool retro vibe Geoff Davis, Owner, offers a trip down memory lane for all that enter through the doors of the shop. Open 7 days a week, Retro Rewind offers something for everyone, from vintage toys to artisanal items.  Like a friendly museum, but you can purchase that special item that brings back great memories, or just appeals to your tastes and decor.


 Artist Heather Roy has been a long-time member of the gallery, and finds her muse in human interactions, which she renders in both oil paint and encaustic (hot wax).  Sometimes edgy, often puzzling, her paintings provoke questions and invite personal narratives.  Heather’s background as a student of art (Dawson College, Haliburton School of the Arts, Toronto School of Art) and years of teaching art to children are evident in her attention to technique.  “I make art because I am compelled to express my fascination with humans, our complexities and our emotional lives.”


Did you know that the colour red was traditionally made from bugs called cochineal, brought back to Europe by the Spaniards from their Aztec plunders, replacing madder and other weaker pigments used to approximate the colour red?


Our Christmas Market, opening November 11 and running till December 19, 2021