The Colborne Art Gallery is pleased to present Open Fields & Gardens, an exhibition of encaustic paintings by guest artist Susan Fisher.   

“Where ever I wander or travel, fields and gardens provoke many layers of sensations: the sensation of rhythms and musical sounds; the sense of touch and of movement; of course the sensation of colour – brilliantly stunning or quietly muted. Reaching into the scenes – I extract fragments and weave them together into my interpretation of Nature’s oeuvre.

"Encaustic allows the composition a dynamic wherein the elements can move visually as they would in reality as we experience it.”

— Susan Fisher, 2010

Open Fields & Gardens opens June 19, 2010 with an opening reception from 2-4 pm, and runs until August 8, 2010. Please join us to welcome Susan Fisher to The Colborne Art Gallery and also enjoy a selection of other new works, by the members of the Gallery.