The Colborne Art Gallery invites you to Rhythm and Form, an exhibition of work by Claus Heinecke & gallery artists.  Please join us for the opening reception and to meet Claus on Saturday, August 8th from 2 – 4 pm at the Gallery.  The show will be on through September 20, 2009.
Rhythm and Form – Claus Heinecke
I've called this exhibition Rhythm and Form because those are the primary objects of my explorations – to find significant visual rhythms expressed in form. It is an aesthetic pursuit and the underlying meaning of my pieces – I compose line, shape, tone, texture and colour by means of contrast, harmony, balance, movement and repetition to arrive at a confluence of visual elements  that constitute a rhythm. These visual rhythms imbue a piece with its own sensibility – a sensibility that will give the piece a life beyond me and hopefully find a discerning audience.
I am not devoted to a medium but will use what best expresses an idea. I am not devoted to a subject but will express the subject that moves me at the time. My dedication is to find in the three-dimensional object rhythms of form that make that form significant by its ability to engage and beguile. I employ a minimum of means to reveal the essential power of the form.
Claus Heinecke
July, 2009