Pat Stanley and Rod BergeronHave you ever wondered about becoming a member of The Colborne Art Gallery?  This might be the perfect time for you or someone you know to get involved in a dynamic Artists Cooperative.

The Colborne Art Gallery is comprised of a group of visual artists working together to present eight shows each year in a charming heritage building on the main street of Colborne Ontario.  This artists’ collective is currently inviting applications from established and emerging visual artists in a variety of media to join the team….. could this mean you?

Being a member of an artist run organization has a wide variety of benefits which the members of The Colborne Art Gallery express with passion.  One member explained; “ I particularly enjoy the fellowship of the other artists, trading information, sharing ideas, responding to each others' work in a candid way” while another describes “ having new work on display eight times a year gives me a chance to investigate fresh ideas and receive immediate response, it's been good for my growth as an artist,”

The members are a diverse group in terms of their lives as well as their art.  Some are full time artists, while some balance another full time job with their creative work for the Gallery.  Some members use the Gallery shows as their only outlet for exhibition while others are involved with a variety of shows and galleries.

A mom with young children at home, full time teachers, a recent grad from art college, those who are semi retired and now have more time to devote to their art; each artist finds that their involvement in gallery membership can provide the stimulus needed to bring out the best in their art work.

The challenges and rewards of Gallery membership are conveyed in these members' comments:  “I am pushed to create work that is outside of my norms, looking at things in a new way and expanding my creative horizons.  I enjoy being with a wide range of creative people who all look at the world with different lenses and explore it with varied media.”   “As a member of The Colborne Art Gallery I am involved in keeping the public interested in the Arts which is important to me”  “Our creativity grows with our friendships and it is rewarding to be able to reach out to the public and share our love of what we do.”

In the words of a long time gallery member, “The members of the Gallery "get" me and they understand my art obsession, as I do theirs.  We watch and help each other develop over time, as well as sharing the work it takes to keep the gallery running.  I have grown in unexpected ways because of these dynamics!”

If you or someone you know is ready for new challenges and opportunities as a visual artist, visit The Colborne Art Gallery website for membership application details;

We welcome applications from makers of fine craft, fibre & mixed media artists,  painters, photographers, sculptors, printmakers and other visual artists.

To inquire further please contact us:
Mail: 51 King St East, Box 903, Colborne ON K0K 1S0
Tel: 905-355-1798