COLBORNE — Seven weeks in the arctic led to a new feature exhibition at the Colborne Art Gallery.Barbara-Buntin-at-work

Barbara Buntin’s trip to the Yukon late last autumn inspired her upcoming feature exhibition at the Colborne Art Gallery titled ‘Off the Map.’ Ms. Buntin said title refers to both the geography of the Arctic and the process.

“I seek to create resonance with the viewer through images of the human figure, blending elements of the surrounding landscape for a transformative effect,” she said.

A grant from the Ontario Arts Council National and International Residency Programme allowed Ms. Buntin to spend seven weeks in the Yukon. She intentionally chose late fall for the opportunity to take in the change of season from autumn to winter. She was interested in exploring the effect of the new landscape that took her out of familiar territory.

“I continue to portray the human figure but I’m striving for a simpler, bolder and increasingly elemental style. The Yukon landscape may not be immediately visible to others in these figures, but I can see the influence emerging. There are references to the arc of the ever-present hills and mountains, the low-rising sun over a deep cold layer of snow, the continuous flow of the river and an intense silence and solitude. I hope to infuse my figures with the permanence and reassurance of the natural world,” said Ms. Butin.

Her works are layered monoprint and collage techniques, produced largely on Japanese washi papers and her own printed work.

‘Off the Map’ opens at the Colborne Art Gallery Oct. 5 and continues through Nov. 10, along with works by other gallery artists. There is an opening reception on Oct. 5 from 2 to 4 p.m. with the artists present.

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