About the Colborne Art Gallery

Our History

The Colborne Art Gallery is the home of an artists’ co-operative that brings together creative people working independently as photographers, painters, sculptors, printmakers, fibre and mixed media artists and makers of fine craft. The gallery is housed in the historic village of Colborne, Ontario, in a heritage building modernized to suit exhibition needs.

The original collective was founded in the spring of 1997 in response to a unique opportunity: the historic East Northumberland Land Registry Office had been sold by the provincial government to the village of Colborne for the sum of $8, on condition that it be maintained as a museum or library. Local painter Wilhelmina Kennedy proposed that the building become an art gallery, a suggestion that was enthusiastically embraced by Colborne Reeve George Boycott and the Colborne Village Council. Wilhelmina then set about organizing a group of local artists into a co-operative to be known officially as The Colborne Society of Artists.

The Colborne Art Gallery has succeeded in breathing new life into this unique heritage building with the ongoing and generous support of first the Colborne Village Council and now the Cramahe Township Council, and other local groups. 

Our Mission

The Colborne Art Gallery is an artist-run co-operative dedicated to building awareness of and accessibility to contemporary visual art as practiced by our members and guest artists. By seeking the widest possible audience, the gallery supports and advances the careers of local artists while contributing to the cultural life of Northumberland County.

How We Work

The Colborne Art Gallery has been operated by an artists’ collective on a volunteer basis for over 20 years, a true success story in the world of artists’ collectives! We curate and hang the exhibits, clean the gallery, maintain the interior of the space, provide food and drinks for openings, sit the gallery during shows, design and distribute all of our marketing material and keep our online presence fresh and current. We work cooperatively with the local library and heritage committee. We purchase local advertising and participate in local events whenever we can. We are successful in attracting additional tourism to the area with our shows and events.

Our success is due to the support we receive from our members, local businesses, individual art lovers, and our partners in the community … but we can always use your help. If you are a small (or large) business in Northumberland County (or beyond), or a lover of the arts who would like to support a hard-working group of local artists, please consider making a donation. We will give you a big thanks, and acknowledge your generosity both on our website and in our gallery. Just drop us a line or send us an email via our contact page.

Our Sponsors

Township of Cramahe

Township of Cramahe

We are very grateful to the Township of Cramahe that continues to allow us rent-free use of their beautiful heritage building in downtown Colborne.

The Apple Country Garden Club

We thank the gardeners of our local horticultural society for keeping our gardens beautiful. cramahehort.ca