The Colborne Art Gallery is leased to present Horizontals and Verticals, an exhibition of paintings by Gallery member Anne Wilson, and From the Forest Floor, an exhibition of ceramic art by Gallery member Terrie MacDonald.
“The horizontals in this show are all local views, but perhaps not easily recognizable to many.  The lake, the marshes and fields, some of which are protected, some quickly vanishing, are all around us – but for how long?  The verticals are the trees, trees and yet more trees.  The old ones, the young ones, the neglected ones and the teenagers again seen from different viewpoints.  Working in a variety of media I have tried to show how diverse is our countryside and how we all can appreciate the many facets that Northumberland County can show us.” – Anne Wilson, July 2010
“Forest floors are nourishing, life affirming environments both for the undergrowth they contain and for my spirit when I walk through them. The sights, sounds, and smells force me to slow down to appreciate the richness and diversity of life.  Welcoming art and fine craft into our lives can also act to enrich our daily lives in a similar way.  It can be a reminder to pause and appreciate the richness and diversity of our experience.  The motifs used to decorate the ceramic work are inspired by observations during my walks in the woods near my home.” – Terrie MacDonald, July 2010
Both Horizontals and Verticals and From the Forest Floor open August 14, 2010 with an opening reception from 2-4 pm, and run until September 26, 2010.  Please join us to discover Anne and Terrie’s latest works, along with a selection of other new works, by the members of the Colborne Art Gallery.